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Calgary Dr. Coresi provides assessments, qEEG Brain Mapping and non-medication-based interventions including bio and neurofeedback (EEG neurofeedback), Auditory and Sensory Integration training and neuro-counseling, bridging brain and behavior

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After the initial evaluation, including cognitive assessment, qEEG Brain Mapping and/or listening test in our office, every client receives an individualized program. Her therapeutic approach consists of assessing and training brain activity using a multimodal approach including: QEEG based Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Neurofiled, as set out by International Bio and Neurofeedback Associations, which are evidence-based interventions that promote positive functioning and a sense of well-being. She is using this approach to address both brain conditions as well as peak brain performance. She is working on normalizing and optimizing brain conditions as well as peak brain performance using in addition other type of non-invasive approaches such as: Tomatis Method and Cellfield.

Dr. Coresi holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, 2 masters’ degrees in General Psychology and Mind-body Medicine and degrees in science and psychology. She was also trained in Classical Psychodrama by the Psychodrama Association of Milan, Italy as a psychodrama director to manage therapy groups of children and adults. She is using her knowledge and qualifications to enhance individual’s brain functioning, interaction and social skills in a friendly environment. Dr. Coresi is the only Registered Certified Tomatis Practitioner in Western Canada. She was trained in Paris and is using cutting-edge center-based equipment as well as portable devices and she is an Associate of the International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis Consultants. Dr. Coresi regularly attends neuroscience conferences on the latest brain research, and methodological and technological progress. She is committed to offering to every client the complete Tomatis Effect and the most efficient sequence of educational and developmental procedures, using drug-free therapeutic and educational interventions, the latest knowledge, cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology.

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Neurocognitive Testing & Brain Mapping

30 minutes

Neurocognitive Testing & Brain Mapping

Bio and Neurofeedback Therapy

1 hour

Bio and Neurofeedback Therapy $200/hour

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