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Osteopathy is, according to the Word Health Organization, relies on manual contact with techniques for assessment and treatment. It respects the relationship of body, mind and spirit in health and disease; it lays emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body and the body’s intrinsic tendency for self-healing. Manual Osteopathy Practitioners (DOMP) or Manual Therapists use a wide variety of therapeutic manual techniques to improve physiological function and/or support homeostasis that has been altered by somatic (body framework) dysfunction, i.e. impaired or altered function of related components of the somatic system; skeletal, arthrodial and myofascial structures; and related vascular, lymphatic, and neural elements.They use their understanding of the relationship between structure and function to optimize the body’s self-regulating, self-healing capabilities.

PETER TURNER, PHD., is a leading manual therapist (European Osteopathy) with extensive education and experience in assessing and managing a range of musculoskeletal conditions, with a particular focus on back pain and sciatica. Peter Turner provides effective evidence-based management and advice to help relieve your pain, allowing you to return to normal movement and activity as quickly as possible. As well as being a leading European Osteopath, PhD, DCOEMB, (DOMP), Sport Therapist . Peter Turner is an experienced researcher and collaborates on material and curriculum relating to osteopathy, clinical and practical sessions and materials related to topics fitness and chronic pain management. He has contributed tofitness manuals and is currently working with the TOMP ™ Method of Manual Osteopathy, a manual that will be invaluable for any manual practitioner. This manual will be available September 2019. Many of his thoughts and lectures have become useful observations and learning for manual osteopathy, massage and manual therapy students in various educational areas in the Canada and internationally, as well as, students of massage therapy and other manual therapies . He regularly holds workshops and lectures on manual therapy and osteopathic techniques , clinical GAT approach , chunking and regional approach theory and qualitative concepts in Canada


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