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Holistic counselling and wellness coaching

About Creekside Holistic Services

As a trained natural health consultant with a diploma in counselling, a PhD in holistic life counselling and a certificate in sports nutrition I think I am uniquely qualified to help guide people through the process of using natural therapies and diet to transform their lifes.

Cancellation Policy
24 hours notice


By Appointment Only


Diet analysis and guidance

30 minutes

I will review your diet to determine if it is the most appropriate for your lifestyle and adjust accordingly.

Natural Therapies Selection

30 minutes

After reviewing your issues and goals I will collaborate with you to choose the best natural therapies to help stimulate your desired results

Holistic Life Counselling

3 hours

Considering your body mind and spirit we will align them to achieve your goals and desires. Using techniques and therapies that are often centuries old, I will counsel you to your optimum self.

Stress Solutoiuns Workshop

45 minutes

This 45 minute workshop will help you understand your stress level, coping mechanisms, and challenges. Then present new coping skills and stress reduction science.


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