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Welcome to the best natural holistic health and wellness programs, providing innovative self healing modalities like Qi Gong to help those along the path to deal with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue and stress. Join us on this path to radiant health.

About Innovative Self Healing

Sahu Omri is an incredible teacher, and Coptic (Egyptian) Monk with over 35 years experience in health, life and martial sciences. Dr. Omri has trained thousands of hours in several forms of Qi Gong and was formally educated at the University of Calgary in the area of Kinesiology. Dr. Omri completed further education as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Oriental Medicine (OMD); and as a ordained health Minister. Dr Sahu Omri's personal experience comes from his training with his master teacher a true holy man who taught him to heal himself of : chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, loss of feeling & function of left side of body, blindness of left eye (optical neuritis), short term memory loss, chronic pain, laryngo spasm (leaving him unable to talk), severe depression and finally testicular cancer all leading to deaths door. That was 25 years ago. Now is the time for him to share his healing experience to benefit you, your family and the world. Here in a step by step journey to Self Healing Today.

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Biopulsar: Total Health " Know Thyself " Awareness and Healing Session!

3 hours 30 minutes

Come, relax, awaken and enjoy an incredible journey with Dr Sahu Omri. The healing session begins with a Biopulsar technology, a system that will give you an assessment of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic needs and or goals. The practitioner will have the client place their hand on the biopulsar tool for a few minutes and this process painless. Upon placing the hand on the instrument; the software analyzes the clients body and provides a clear report regarding organ functioning, glandular systems along with seven brain parameters. This advanced form of biofeedback technology is a certified medical device in the UK and reveals the electromagnetic (auric field) of each individual organ, brain parameter and nerve plexus (chakra) vitality. After the assessment, personalized modalities (music therapy, color therapy, acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, sound healing, etc.) will be used and recommended to begin healing. The session ends with self healing medical qigong exercises to balance and cultivate healing energy for your health and well being.

Chronic Disease and MS Health & Wellness Protocol Program

36 hours

This program is a complete 30 sessions. The intensive program includes: Bio-energy total body health assessments of physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. (2 hrs) Consultation (includes above) as well as Herbal, supplements, trophology and microbiome programs. Therapy includes the LOTUS SYSTEM of Purification and Regeneration (Stem cell ) 30 hrs. Personalized Private fitness and self healing program. (4 hrs)

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