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Hi, I’m Jeffrey Wong a Holistic Health Coach and Wellbeing Warrior for the go-getters and achievers who are ready to prioritize their Health and Wellbeing, and create balance in all areas of their life.My Core ValuesBe an example of health and well-being. Showing people what to do and how to do through action is more powerful than telling them.Be compassionate to not only animals however, to the people around me as well.Love what I do and do what I love!Foster safe and open communication. Holding a space of non-judgmental conversation, allows space for understanding, resolution, and positive action.Being true to myself and being authentic. I am who I am and not who others want me to be.Ensure sustainability in my daily life. Make decisions with sustainability in mind: in relationships, business practices, health, etc.My PhilosophyI believe the key to our health and well-being resides in our ability to being mindful; in thought, in speech, and in action. The foundation of our health comes from how we deal with food and how we deal with what life has to offer us. It is with this balance that we are able to successfully reach our goals, build our dreams, and reach our peak health.I support my clients in co-creating this balance between nutrition and lifestyle to improve their health and re-vitalize their energy90/10 Rule is a helpful reminder that if we are eating wholesome foods and taking care of our body 90% of the time, then our body is capable to handle a cookie or two during the holidays. The point of health and wellbeing is creating that balance.Embrace the journey. Health and well-being is not race. We didn’t get to where we are now overnight, it was an accumulation over the years. Embrace the journey as I guide you in making small yet sustainable changes in your nutrition and lifestyle to achieve your health goals.Make health a priority. We only have this one body for our lifetime and I support my clients to power through any limiting beliefs that are holding them back from their peak and optimal healthYou are amazingly unique. What works for me may not work for you. What worked for you previously doesn’t mean it will continue to work for you today. Working with this principle, I will support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs and lifestyle.Listening to your body, and hear what it is telling you. Cravings play a critical role in what your body needs and it shouldn’t be ignored. My job is to help you to navigate and understand what these cravings mean, and to empower you to make healthy choices and fuel your body with what it needs.Health is more than the foods you put in your mouth. I invite my clients to look into other areas of their life such as: relationship, career, physical activity, and mental well-being to see what impact they have on their health..

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