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I help sensitives explore their growth edges and navigate emerging evolutionary: one who evolves, transforms and is guided by soul wisdomYou are a temple of the infinite, continually waking up to your magnificence. You are here between past and future, cradled by Mother Earth and Father Sky. What it took to bring you here, through all of time and space, is nothing short of a miracle.Our world contains such exquisite bliss woven with tremendous suffering. I’m a sensitive one and can relate to the overwhelm that can come as we open the doors of perception and embrace the emotional processing needed for growth.I’ve gathered some tools along the way that can help.I can work with your inner guide to:-invite more presence into your body-process, digest and release old emotions-access courage to feel and engage with your precious life-rewild your consciousness through shedding limiting beliefs & unhealthy conditioning-gently awaken your body, mind, heart & soul from restrictive patterning-explore dance as medicine and get your transformational groove on-embrace your unique, remarkable brilliance-cultivate compassion, boundaries & relational awarenessI honour your courage as you continue to explore your vast inner wilderness.Body/Mind Sessions:I started to receive BodyTalk sessions and was blown away by what was coming up, releasing and shifting in my life through the doorway of this modality. Unhealthy and conditioned belief systems were being processed and dissolved from my consciousness and my internal growth skyrocketed. It’s done wonders for my relationships, parenting journey, self worth, health, financial consciousness and infusing my business with soul calling.After many years of offering bodywork, energy work, yoga and movement, I knew there was another piece that I wanted bring in that supported my clients to access more understanding and transformation when it came to issues that were showing up in their lives. I wanted to invite a shift in perception for clients who were coming in with a body or life symptom that was not going away after trying “everything”. I found that many people weren’t accessing the underlying reasons for these messages or life symptoms. I wanted to be able to support those openings in awareness. Why were these things happening? Consciousness medicine is one intuitive and valuable way to allow ripe answers to reveal themselves.During a session you may lay on the table fully clothed, sit in a chair or be a distance.BodyMind Sessions can help you to:-awaken dormant gifts, strengths, creative potential and your soul purpose-shed old patterns and belief systems that are leaking energy and are not in alignment with who you really are-look deeper at the messages your body, life and emotions are bringing to you-digest, integrate and release emotions-address animal behavioural issues and physical symptoms-process traumatic experiences-experience relief of pain & increase in health-address underlying causes of symptoms and the roots of allergies-open to a healthy shift in life and anchor into body wisdom-access emotional, mental and spiritual support during life transitions-increase vitality and balance for an upcoming performance or event-bring the light of awareness to financial consciousness or business health-create more healthy family or relationship dynamics-strengthen your BodyMind system in relationship to what you experience in your life-create more space in your life for your true, authentic potential to emerge…yes please!!The Medicine SessionsConnect to the earth and sky within. The Medicine Sessions are my signature offering customized to the unique needs of your body, mind, heart and soul.In The Medicine Sessions we see what needs to happen and flow with the rhythms of your innate nature. I will tune into what you share, ask for and request in addition to my sensing around what could support you the most. I’ll work with my intuitive guidance along with your permission and use a combination of medicine tools I’ve gathered along the way to offer you a unique session that invites deep nourishment, alchemy and alignment with your centre. Transformation is inherent in life itself, so working with this powerful energy can support you to move WITH the river of life on the journey of discovering your awakening potential as you dance and grow on your evolutionary edges.My medicine satchel includes the following tools whichmay be included in your session. Requests for specificwork is welcome.-bodymind work (using BodyTalk principles)-massage therapy-Reiki-acupressure-breathwork & guided meditation-smudging or energy cleaning with sage, paulo santo, sweetgrass or cedar-gentle yoga suited to you-free dance or moving meditation-sound healing with Tibetan bowls, rattle, voice, chanting, singing-Lomi Lomi  •  “to remove what doesn’t belong” while bridging earth and sky in the body-Aloha medicine, initation practices, chanting & elemental invocations-Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, an ancient temple-style ceremonial rite-of-passage that invites deep remembering and new beginnings-range of motion movements supporting healthy joint function, physical and emotional release and flexible thinking.-element, plant & animal spirit invocations-safe & sacred ritual or ceremony.


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