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My own style of Foot Reflexology combining Traditional and Thai Reflexology as well as acupressure. This style I have created enables me to tailor to each individuals needs using pressure points combined with massage. This also allows me to work better with any amount of time 30-90 minutes. 60 minutes being considered a full appointment. I use 100% pure shea butter, good enough to eat!Acupressure facial. This facial consists of pressure points on the face, head, neck and shoulders. Ear reflexology and foot reflexology are worked into this 60-90 minute session. This is great for headaches, sinus problems, digestion, immune system and much more, including a relaxed refreshed face. No products are applied to your face leaving you looking fresh for the world.Neck and shoulder release. Using pressure points and massage I can have your neck feeling free and released in as little as 30 minutes. Many people combine this with foot reflexology for optimal results lengthening the appointment to 60 minutes.The ultimate head to toe. This starts with a neck and shoulder release then moves on to stress relieving acupressure points on the head and relaxing ear reflexology. The session ends with foot reflexology and is available for 60 or 90 minutes. This amazing stress buster will leave you feeling like you have had a full day at the spa.Hand Reflexology is available with any of the above services but an additional 15 minutes ($15) may be needed for sessions 60 minute or less.Catering to each client with their needs and time constraints using any methods required/desired. Acupressure is not like acupuncture, no needles will be used.

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