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Whether you think you had a ‘normal’ childhood or know the dysfunction you experienced, we are all wounded by not ‘good enough’ parenting and thus, develop coping mechanisms which do not always serve us. These adaptations result in depression, addictions, and a feeling of ‘stuckness’ or ‘blah.’ I help clients see these adaptations and underlying falsities that many of us continue to live by. As we work, meaningful insights occur and hope returns. You will gain better control of situations and learn to make more meaningful decisions in your life.My specialization in Depth Psychology explores the wisdom of the unconscious by integrating the use of body symptoms, dreams, and underlying feelings and beliefs while also looking at current issues and concerns. This gives you a better understanding of how underlying values and beliefs influence decisions and choices.  I am trauma-informed and deal with childhood wounds/abuse.I help clients ‘Discover Your True Self.’  Explore my website, read one of my many articles, or hear a podcast to see what I can offer you on your journey..

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