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When we work with the mind we are really working with the entire body as your body will always tell you the truth of any situation or experience, if you listen. The Mind/Body connection is the Souls’ way of communicating with the Human Being part of yourself. When all three components are in alignment with each other you allow ease into your experiences. When there is a disconnect in the system you manifest fears, illness, or injury and these become your experience of being Human.In the practice of Intuitive Counselling, Energy Work and Massage the intention is to re-align the Mind/Body and Soul connections so there is flow again throughout the system. Emotional and physical trauma, old, restrictive beliefs and emotions and residue from this and Other Lifetimes can hinder your growth, if you allow them to. As you become conscious of your ways of thinking and feeling that are keeping you stuck in limiting energy patterns you release the need to hold on to feeling powerless. Instead, you step into your Authentic Self, giving yourself permission to be healthy, happy and wise – whatever that looks like for you.This is the work I do, the space I hold for each persons’ unique journey to Well Being. Whether it is to hear the words of guidance from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, allow Energy Healing or tell your story, you are the Healer and I am the Facilitator. It is my honour to hold space for your Inner Knowing as you move through this Human Being experience in relationship with your Soul Being.I have always had an interest in the Metaphysical.  As a child, I constantly questioned the world around me, seeking answers that made sense to me.  I considered my “Big Book of Fairy Tales” to be my first textbook on the subject of the Metaphysical and Supernatural. I would pour over the detailed and intricate pictures, always delighting in finding the hidden fairies and other woodland folks within its pages. This early fascination provided me with a sense of there being something more in the world around me.I continued to experience the supernatural into my early teens. I would often wake up at night to find Energy Beings in my room standing by my bed as if waiting for me to do something. At the age of 16 and not sure how to deal with these visitations, I shut myself off from these experiences. I continued my personal studies in Metaphysics however, reading every book I could and awakening myself to new experiences.In university I earned my BA in Women’s Studies and Social Work while becoming very involved in Goddess Culture and Wicca. I led a group of women in monthly moon ceremonies and became very active in the Goddess community in Halifax. I studied Astral Projection, Dream Work, Runes Stones, Tarot and Past Lives and continued my voracious reading of anything Metaphysical. During my first year of university I discovered and studied The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, which resonated deeply with my own thoughts on the Universe, Space and Continuous Time.Over the next 15 years I moved away from actively participating in the metaphysical community. A move to the West Coast brought me closer to my family roots and while I continued to study Metaphysics I entered a private phase of my studies.Career, marriage, children and home ownership occupied much of my time and thoughts over the subsequent years. A seeming chance visit to a local bookstore in the fall of 2006 found me looking over books in the Metaphysical section. One book in particular literally fell off the shelf and into my hands. It was “Healing with The Fairies” by Dr. Doreen Virtue. As if the floodgates of memory had burst open I experienced a rush of recognition. I didn’t put the book down until I had read it through.Knowing I would meet Dr. Doreen Virtue I studied the rest of Dr. Virtue’s books and then applied to take her Angel Therapy™ Certification Program.  Upon being accepted, I spent the next nine months taking as many Metaphysical courses as I could.  Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Auras, Chakras, Tarot and EFT were among the subjects I studied.  By the time I had completed my Angel Therapy course in October of 2007 I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.Over the last decade I have continued to broaden my learning, completing many certification programs and have been given the honour of being named a Master Healer.  I will always continue to study the many methods of healing, both new and ancient, in order to better serve my clients and students..

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