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.As a primary healthcare physician, I am committed to helping every patient maintain or achieve optimal health. This often requires assisting the patient in recognizing obstacles which may be impeding their good health and guiding them to reach their optimal health. This will be achieved through listening empathetically to each patient’s concerns and health issues and conducting the necessary assessments. This will occur in a trusting and confidential setting so a sincere working alliance can be established. Then, in collaboration with the patient, devise and individualize a treatment plan that will target the patient’s health needs keeping in mind the importance of the body, mind and spirit. The specific healing and/or preventative program will aim to maximize vitality, enhance one’s quality of life, as well as extend one’s longevity.

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.It is my responsibility to identify and treat the cause of each patient’s health issue(s) using naturopathic therapies that are specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. I will educate patients so that they will become empowered to take personal responsibility for their health care, resulting in lifestyle changes that will foster healing and promote good health


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