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Pacific Alternative Medicine Clinic, Home for Natural Treatments & Healthy SolutionsPacific Alternative Medical Clinic offers a comprehensive range of natural health services including:-Advanced Nutrition (Eating disorder & Weight ControL)-Medical Acupuncture (Chronic diseases & Pain Control)-Cosmetic Acupuncture-Cellulite Acupuncture-Herbal Medicine (Natural Remedies)-Lymphatic Drainage-Addiction control. (Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol)-Advanced Organs Cleansing (Kidney, Liver)-Parasite and Candida Cleansing-Detoxification & Drainage-Food Allergies Testing-Environmental Allergies Testing-Sensitivity Testing-Vitamins/Minerals Deficiency Testing-Blood/Urine and Semen Testing-Biopuncture-Homeopathic Medicine (Natural Remedies )-Cancer Prevention-Relaxation techniques-Stress management skills-Diagnostic or treatment skills-Human Energy Field and how it affects healthVitamin therapy or orthomolecular medicine uses vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to return a diseased body to wellness in the belief that the average diet today is often woefully inadequate in providing needed nutrients and that the need for specific nutrients is highly individual. Conditions as varied as hypertension, depression, cancer, and schizophrenia can all benefit enormously from vitamin therapy.Pacific Alternative Medical Clinic also, offers many hard-to-find physician's-quality natural health supplements that are not sold in retail stores.  Serious health concerns deserve the best-quality products you can find, and they might well be right here, along, with information about what they do and how to use them.Dawood Taghizadeh has had tremendous success with the implementation of his new allergies testing machine which is designed to screen for food and environmental sensitivities, also, Vitamins / Minerals Deficiency test, and Bone Density testing machine (Diagnoses Osteoporosis )About Dawood Taghizadeh Natural Health Practitioner:A Natural Health Practioner presents ideas in Complementary and Alternative Medicine that can help maintain or achieve optimal health.  They are uniquely educated in natural medicines which often have excellent scientific rationales and promote safer results than pharmaceutical synthetics.Dawood Taghizadeh is a licensed Natural Health Practioner (NHP) and holds the following credentials:B.Sc. Medical Laboratory SciencesNADA Advanced Nutritionist Acupuncture DetoxificationRegistered AcupuncturistMedicine HerbalistLymphatic Drainage TherapistOrthomolecular Medicine (Vitamin/Mineral Therapy)

Dawood Taghizadeh has over 28 years of medical related experience, education and research.  Through his international work he has developed an understanding of cultural differences and their specific health needs.  For the last 12 years he has offered individual consultations on the North Shore at the Pacific Alternative Medical Clinic.  He continues to offer the opportunity to assist those in search of achieving optimal health and wellness goals.  New clients are welcome.

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