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The repetitive movements of life’s daily work and play, combined with life stressors and injuries, can result in the involuntary holding of muscle reflex patterns.   When driving a car we make a fist to hold the steering wheel securely, and dependent on our driving style, our shoulders may be rolled forward or backward.  Our  back may become arched or stooped after driving for long periods.  These unconscious habits lead to chronically tight muscles resulting in body tension, discomfort or pain, and a loss of flexibility.Somatics body movement classes help students regain conscious control over unconsciously contracted muscles.  The goal of the class is to relieve muscle tension, reduce body discomfort and return a sense of ease and balance to the body which will enhance all of life's activities.Students are guided through slow and gentle floor exercises designed to re-educate the body-mind to contract and release unconsciously held muscular tension.  The release of muscular tension reduces pain and increases flexibility.

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