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Get the treatment YOU need, when YOU need it!Whatever the cause, pain can have a negative effect on daily life. Doreen strives to assess each patient’s pain related problems, then define the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment plan tailored to meet your needs.Daily stresses, poor diet, inconsistent exercise, trauma, accidents and age can weaken the immune system leaving you prone to aches and pains. Acupuncture improves circulation and removes blockages to the areas experiencing discomfort or insufficient functioning.Doreen’s goal is to reduce or completely alleviate pain and to enable a person to regain an active personal lifestyle.About Acupuncture and Its UsesWhen you’re looking for relief from health issues or improve your quality of life, acupuncture could be your solution. For over 2,000 years, this incredibly safe, effective, painless treatment has provided effective relief from a wide variety of ailments, including:Sports InjuriesArthritis/FibromyalgiaMigraine and HeadacheLower Back and Hip PainSciaticaNeck and Shoulder PainAnxiety, Depression, StressHigh Blood PressureIrritable Bowel SyndromeDigestiveConstipation/DiarrheaHave you tried other therapies?  Did you get the desired results you needed?The style of acupuncture treatments you will receive from Doreen is virtually painless. Your treatments will finish with massage and often include some body work and some stretching advice.  Doreen’s goal is to get you back feeling like yourself and being pain free.

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