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Vancouver Nutritionist

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HERE'S WHAT I OFFER:My goal is to help circumvent illness as well as support any current imbalances my client is experiencing through blood analysis, lifestyle changes and nutrition guidance. Each wellness plan is personalized to meet your health needs. I transform lives in one of the most important areas, health.

MEET JORDANRHN, BA, LBAI have a Psychology and Criminology Degree and felt obliged to stay in the field even though I wasn't happy. In 2015, I made the right decision to leave a stressful full-time job with long hours and do what I'm passionate about.I get the privilege of educating, inspiring and support clients.I moved to the North Shore to be closer to the mountains. I spend most of my free time hiking in the forest with my dog, watching sunsets or getting my sweat on. You'll also find me in the kitchen whipping up nutritious plant-based meals or supporting the local restaurant scene. Daily items that bring me joy:  avocados, matcha nut milk lattes and kombucha. I switched to a plant-based diet over 6 years ago for the animals, environment and my own health.I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and Live Blood Analyst and I hope to inspire you to to live a happy and healthy life filled with nature, laughter, great people, movement and delicious plant-based food.


605-55 Water St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1



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