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​Welcome!Urban Soul Alchemy is a system of healing and expression​for the Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul.​At the core of this system is a rejuvenating practice for awakening health and vitality through ​Movement, Shamanic Healing, and Creativity.

About Danielle Leigh:Decades of experience in Energy Healing, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and other Mind/Body disciplines have led me to design the Movement and Coaching practices which have become central to the work I do today.  I am influenced by my early life experiences as a Metis girl living among the Inuit and other traditional northern nations; I am inspired by my training with traditional Celtic healers and artists...My deepest passion lies within helping others birth their own personal medicine and expression into being - which most often includes a deep and enlightening process of soul work and creative process.  We get there by exploring our relationship to self and others, giving way to more freedom in creativity and more clarity in communication.  I also work in Dance Therapy, Movement Medicine and Coaching for Organizations, Children, Young Women, and those experiencing Deep Transition.Urban Soul Alchemy is offering NWA members discounted rates on:Reiki, Energy Healing, Dance Therapy and YogaWe can meet for an initial consultation or coaching sessionWhen you are ready to go deeper, and learn more about your personal energy field, how it is flowing, and gain new techniques and methods to put into practice immediately, then book in for a private yoga therapy session.If you feel ready to dive in to your personal medicine with movement and/or creation, then we can sign you up for a personal Movement Medicine process, or you may wish to commit to your journey on the Urban Soul Dance Path.Movement, in Cree, waskawewin, defines life. When somebody dies they stop moving, aponwaskawecik. If you asked "What is life?", a simple explanation using the Cree language would be that life is movement. - Floyd Favel


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