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Welcome to Truest ReflectionsA reflection of Barbara Hunter:Having moved to the Okanagan in 2009, Barbara Hunter brought her family from Alberta to experience more opportunity and to start a new life.2009 presented a hard transition as a married parent of two children to a single parent.  Addictions played a big part in this transition.  From this point, Barbara then went through more addictions and mental health experiences within her family.  This was the hardest place that Barbara had ever been.At the age of 43, Barbara (aka Barb) acknowledged that she had been through many obstacles, jumped through many hoops and over high fences in her life. She realized that she had a lot of compassion for others who experienced their own obstacles, struggles and pain.Mental health and addictions, although very exhausting, frustrating and challenging, Barbara chose to take all that she went through, all that she experienced and put it together with education so that she could help others.From here, Barb pursued Counselling as her new career.  Still working full time, parenting and volunteering Barb strived to put her life experience into perspective and combine all that she had experienced with an academic flavor so she could better assist those experiencing life as she had.  She saw gaps in the system of addictions and wanted to create more opportunities for healing.Reflection of Barbara as the Counsellor:Barb’s biggest desire is to be present, mindful and to listen intentionally.  In these moments she finds how to connect with others and lead by simply reflecting what she sees in them.  She believes we all have the answers but are we being asked the right questions?  All it takes is a little observation, listening, bold questions and trust.Barb’s greatest belief is that our healing process requires acknowledging what is holding us back, trusting what we feel, letting go of the excess that no longer serves us and taking a leap of faith.  As Carl Jung expressed – “Diving not Drowning”.By walking the path together with Barb she will simply be the voice that guides you, listens and lets you know you are not alone.  Progression towards healing is slow, but the journey can be everything.What is it that you can do to fully be you?  What better day to find out than today.  Your Truest Reflection awaits you.

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