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MY EXPERIENCE WITH REIKIReiki is a treatment that works on emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of one’s being. After a very stressful time in my life, I had a Reiki session with a friend. For me, it was life changing! I had another session, again with profound effects. I decided I wanted to bring these benefits to others and became a level 1 practitioner.  I witnessed amazing and immediate changes in those who received Reiki. I then took my level 2 and experienced Reiki’s healing effects running even deeper. I am fortunate to be on this path, for being a conduit for healing energy and for an ever-deepening belief that we can do so much more for ourselves and for each other. (Sliding scale available for those in need)

Jen Allan is an urban First Nations woman with a strong desire to help others. She is compassionate, capable with difficult issues, and non-judgmental. She loves reiki's powerful yet non-intrusive, gentle way of healing, that it is a deep healing, and that it heals all aspects of a person - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She offers a safe, chemically scent-free environment.

(778) 772-5888

#609-825 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K7



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