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Welcome to DDS Bio Electric Massage Therapy,the New Way to Heal!Helping You Reach Total Body WellnessBENEFITS OF DDS BIO ELECTRIC MASSAGE​​Experience the benefits of acupuncture without the needlesImprove digestionIncrease energyAlleviate pain from both acute and chronic injuriesImprove mood and depression symptomsImprove insomniaDecrease joint stiffnessReduce inflammation/ painImprove chronic illnessesAnd many more!PHILOSOPHYWHAT IS DDS THERAPY?DDS Therapy uses a low level current which mimics the body's natural current and provides both instant and cumulative results.  The current travels through the therapist's fingertips via a relaxing hands on therapy to treat nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, migraines, and digestive disorders.  DDS Therapy is the perfect combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and modern scientific technology.

Robinmarissink@gmail.comCertified DDS TherapistMy name is Robin Marissink and I am a certified DDS Bio Electric Therapist and a certified Reiki practitioner.  I began my undergraduate of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo.  During a trip to Whistler I fell in love with the mountains and changed my plans to stay in Whistler for as ling as possible.  During my time away from school I spent most of my free time snowboarding, hiking, and travelling.  After travelling to Mexico I fell very ill and could not find anyone to diagnose me or relieve me of my pain for a few years.  It became my mission and my passion to pursue health and find a cure for myself. When I was told about DDS Bio Electric massage I began treatments which relieved almost all of my pain and digestive issues within a few sessions. I loved how fast and effective it was.  It was not long before I began to study the principles myself so I could go on to help other people too!


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