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HOMEOPATHY​Allow the innate forces within nature to bring you back into balance, using the philosophy of "like treats like".A gentle yet powerful natural medicine that originated in the late eighteenth century.In it's simplest terms, homeopathy is based upon the principles that any substance in nature is capable of producing symptoms of dis-ease or illness in healthy people if taken in large amounts. When these symptoms are expressed in a person who is ill, a homeopath can trace this pattern to a substance in nature who can create that same picture of dis-ease or symptom otology. When the homeopathic (diluted and succused) substance or remedy is given then a curative or rebalancing effect occurs for the person exhibiting the symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are believed to stimulate the body's own healing processes.

Heather is a classically trained homeopath at Vancouver School of Homeopathy (2008) and a Professional Art Educator (McGill University Bachelor in the Education in the Arts 1994)​Inspired by her ancestry, connection to the natural world and innately creative passion, Heather weaves together indigenous traditions and her experience as an educator, artist and homeopath.In her personal practice, Spiral Healing, Heather offers Earth-based remedies (homeopathy) and shamanic healing arts to bring balance and well-being.In her community, she continues to pass on the teachings shared with her through drum-making, Medicine Wheel, and Rites of Passage for young Women in various workshops and gatherings.

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