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Hi my name is Ross Tayler and I am a teacher, a supporter, a challenger, and a sharer of compassionate wisdom. I have trained as a life coach and also have a broad range of life experiences I draw upon when supporting my clients. When I reflect back over my life, I see a series of stories and experiences that had me walking through the world with a heavy dose of guilt and shame. The result was a cycle of inner bullying and abuse that prevented me from fully standing in my truth. You might relate to some of my core wounds such as; believing I was not good enough, feeling abandoned, and a sense of powerlessness to name a few. I have a deep knowing that we can rise above and break through all of this core wounding and conditioning and significantly change the relationship we have with ourselves and the world. Reclaim Your Wholeness is a journey that can transform our core wounds into; safety, fulfilment, inspiration, wholeness, confidence, abundance, and joy. What you will find throughout this website is a reflection of my journey and all that I learned along the way. It would be an honour to support you as you reclaim your authentic ways of being in the world.I invite you to discover what is possible when you find peace in your relationship with self.I work with many clients remotely so wherever you are I am available to you by phone or email.

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