Dong Wei Li

Victoria Traditional Chinese medicine, needling techniques, cupping therapy, tui na, gua sha, auricular therapy, and yang shen (health preservation).

5 Stars

He has helped patients find relief from headaches, insomnia, dizziness, chronic and acute pain, depression, digestive complaints and more. As well, Dong has a special interest in treating and supporting emotional & mental health. As a devoted Buddhist with an open heart, Dong believes our body's problems are deeply rooted in our mind's patterns, which governs our thoughts, actions, and words. Body and mind issues have to be balanced with the spirit at a deeper and higher level.

In 1991, Dong Wei began the journey of self-healing when he began practising daily QiGong, (Zhong Gong), self-caring of Acu-pressure, massage in China. In 2010 he worked with a TCM master as an assistant in Shanghai, China, where he learned Balancing Needles techniques to treat cases from body pain, emotional problems to internal organ disorders. In 2012, he moved to Victoria and started his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology. Dong became registered as a TCM Practitioner in March 2017.

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