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HOMESERVICESTESTIMONIALSCONTACT USAN INVESTMENT IN YOU ALWAYS PAYS THE BEST INTERESTFinding You - Body. Mind. Soul. 435 Rosser Ave Brandon MB R7A 6S2Office: (204) 573-3726Email: kori@findingyounow.comKori Gordon - Certified Life Coach If you are feeling stuck in:MOREConnect with meLIFE COACHINGIf you are feeling stuck or if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, call Kori at Finding You - Body.Mind.Soul to get on the road to a happier stress reduced life.If you are suffering with:DIVORCE COACHINGACCESS BARS®Click here for more information on Koris Life Coaching Service* Life* Your career* Managing life/work balance* Trying to understand what it is you truly want* Trying to gain clarity* Your relationship/marriage​* Aches and pains* Unhappy relationship* Major life change* Unfulfilling career* ADHD* AutismMOREFinding You offers a number of different modalities to help you find your true path in life. In today’s world with so much going on and so much more coming at us than ever before, it is easy to lose ourselves and not know how to get back on track. We get mired down with aches and pains and illnesses that take the energy out of our life. We are surrounded with judgement and negativity whether it be in our own heads or from those around us. We often forget to take care of ourselves. If we don’t look after ourselves, not only do we suffer but so do all of those around us.​Are you ready to make a choice that will allow you to be the true you? Are you living the life you deserve? Check out the potent tools that Finding You – Body. Mind. Soul. offers for positive change and transformation. Anything is possible! The only thing stopping you is you. Be the change you desire to be.Click here for more information on Koris Life Coaching ServiceMOREACHIEVE THE LIFE THAT YOU DESERVE...We are all about helping people get from where they are to where they want to be. It is so easy in life to get “stuck” and not know how to move forward. This is true in all areas of our lives.We are able to help heal the body, mind, soul through Life Coaching and Divorce Coaching, Access Consciousness Bars® and Body Processes, BodyTalk and Reiki. Anything is possible! If you are ready to choose change, Kori at Finding You - Body. Mind. Soul would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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