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The main benefit of reflexology is it is able to induce relaxation. The reflexologist will typically, in a step by step process, address the whole body and focus on parts of the body that show signs of stress with pain, tightness or malfunction. The reflexologist's objective is to relieve stress and tension to achieve as much rejuvenation as the body will allow. Does reflexology help reduce pain? Yes. It can last from one to four days, but the more times you have a treatment the more your body helps to heal the problem. Each session alleviates stress and moves the body in increments toward wellness. If stress has accumulated over a lengthy period of time it will take a number of reflexology sessions to return to a healthy balanced state. Once this is attained, it is recommended to have regular reflexology sessions to cope with everyday stress and maintain wellness.

Beryl Campbell RCRT is a Certified Reflexology Therapist graduating from Okanagan College in 2004. Continuing with her education, she qualified to provide Indian Head Massage, a massage technique that focuses on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and scalp. Beryl is an active reflexology therapist for over 12 years. In 2017, she attained one of her long term goals by completing the certification for hand reflexology. And, she takes great pride in teaching her clients how to better take care of their body by utilizing reflexology therapy on their feet, hands and head. Beryl is a compassionate woman who has dedicated over 26 years to serving others as a Care Aid and Certified Reflexologist. In the summer months you will find Beryl participating in the community market in downtown Penticton, offering mini reflexology therapy to locals and tourists.


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