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We provide a space for people to unlock and release old energetic and physical limitations so they can experience the profound freedom that comes from allowing themselves to live as they are; embracing what shows up in their journeys while honouring and using their intuitive ability to ask for and receive more. We provide this space in whatever form our clients require — over the phone, in person with a nurturing body connection and via animal connection. (For some, adding the animal connection helps with the process of releasing old limitations and receiving new possibilities immensely.) During her 10 years as a 4-H Leader, Trena noticed how the kids would show up bouncing around from life's craziness. Then, after an hour spent with their horses, each child would come back to Earth. Trena was ready to immerse herself in animal communication and energy work. She took a 2.5 year Equine Gestalt Coaching Course in Colorado and pursued Access Consciousness tools, discovering that partnering with horses isn't a requirement; rather, it's an additional connection for those who need it. At this time - six years ago - the local industry in Camrose, AB where Trena lives wasn't recognizing equine therapy. Instead, intuitive energy work and body sessions kept her busy, so she explored the energetic connection between our spirit and body more deeply. Today, Connecting in Spirit is a growing holistic health service that provides space for people around the world. Contact Trena for services and fees

Trena Anderson's past experience with horses is where it all started. As she worked with them, she observed how they communicated. Silently. Clearly. Effortlessly. Being around each horse was so nurturing and rewarding.


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