Mary Ann

Exercise Therapy
Rheumatoid Arthritis, prolapse uterus, amputation, frozen shoulder
Edmonton, AB

$70.00 of $1,390.00 funded

Mary Ann's Story

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 40 years. My joints have been significantly impacted and flare ups are extreme. My last flare up (after being in remission for several years) caused a significant impact on my body and my overall health. Since this time, I have had several issues that have impacted my day to day movements and ability to be physically active. I require support to exercise and get my health back in order so I can maintain my independence.

How will this treatment impact Mary Ann's life?

I have had a recent flare up with my rheumatoid arthritis which set my health back significantly. With the flare up I was unable to exercise and my uterus prolapsed. Physiotherapy and exercise therapy will hopefully help to fix this issue and build muscles to decrease the risks of it happening again. I have also had all my toes amputated on my right foot and require exercises for balance to be able to maintain my functional independence.