Cari #22 in The Micro Q

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy
Anxiety and Trauma
Cowichan Valley Craniosacral
90 minute Biodynamic CST Adult Intake
Duncan, BC

$87.50 of $125.00 funded

Cari 's Story

I think I mentioned that above
sexual abuse survivor from my father -
need to take action and heal.
loosing my voice and I am singer.

How will this treatment impact Cari 's life?

I am a sexual abuse survivor of my father - and I am presently about to stand up for myself for the first time against him and make a stand - Cranio supports me with my stress and anxiety. I would like m children to also go see Christina - because this trauma has effects on the children as well - not in the same way of sexual abuse of course - but with the trauma I went through - and how it effects the chlidren, they are also experiencing anxiety, migraines and serious health issues.