Kevin #2 in The Small Q

It shall assist in the removal of pain in my lower back and knees and elsewhere there is inflamation
Pain from inflammation
Anju's Herbals Inc.
Dosha Assessment
Victoria, BC

$60.00 of $400.00 funded

Kevin's Story

I am a steel fabricator by trade and have been for 35 years. When I was 25 years old I threw my back out and ever since I have been in pain. I was in a motor scooter accident 10 years ago which left me with a separated left ACL where I have had 2 operations done in the last 2 years whereas I am in constant pain. I recently visited Maurine Fontaine to get a live blood analysis performed which revealed a myriad of problems with my blood and digestive tract which I have put myself on a strict food eating program. So far you people have been gracious enough to accept me for one month however my condition requires a further 4 months starting from November 1st. Thank you

How will this treatment impact Kevin's life?

This service will provide to assist in ending my pain and inflammation so that I may move on in life.