Janice #78 in The Micro Q

Holistic Nutrition support
Chronic Immune conditions.
Build Health Naturally
Individual Nutritional Assessment
Saskatoon , SK

$100.00 of $200.00 funded

Janice's Story

I left my abusive husband 2 years ago and moved into a Sask housing supplemented building. I have always been extremely chemically sensitive, as well as sensitive to mold and dust. Turns out the building I moved into is a sick building for me. I could tolerate it at first, then I lost all my tolerance. Now I am deathly ill and only alternative practitioners recognize my issues. and as often happens to ppl who have such sensitive immune systems for so long, I now also have cancer and exhausted adrenal glands. I'm in big trouble. The adrenals are what allows us to live through stress.

How will this treatment impact Janice's life?

I believe this is a life or death situation