Jorden #23 in The Medium Q

Counseling Sessions
Depression and Anxiety
The Caring Place
60 minute Counselling Session x 10
Regina, SK

$97.50 of $650.00 funded

Jorden 's Story

I was brought up in a family with a mother who was an alcoholic and a father who was a control freak, I felt abandonment issues when I was a teenager, I have a sister who has decided to not be apart of the family including me. my mother died 3 years ago and then I decided to quit my perfect job and try something else no I am coping with blaming myself that I am a big screw up and am having a lot of trouble getting myself back on track I have thoughts of suicide but have never tried it. I have gone through 3 jobs in the last year and am having a lot of issues trying to get my life shorted and back on track.

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Depression and Anxiety

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