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Chronic pain, kidney failure, digestive problems, sight issues (DME), stress.
Barefoot Acupuncture Peterborough
Acupuncture 1 hour
Peterborough, ON

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Laura's Story

I have PTSD from severe child abuse. I have medical PTSD.
My father abused us physically, mentally, verbally and emotionally. My mother never stopped it from happening. She would further give reasons why we were abused. Afterwards, she would tell us that we were not abused. I truly believed that until I was 29 years old (One year ago). My father also killed our family pets in front of all of us. I have night terrors.

I was in a coma when I was 13 years old, May 19th, 2001. My blood sugars were 111.0 (Canadian glucose). I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was traumatizing also because I was conscious and unconscious. So, I remember what happened. Bits and pieces. People talking, the doctor telling my parents that the rest of the fight to live, was all on me now.. things like that. I did not have any brain, organ or nerve damage. I had to learn how to read and write again. I was bullied in school for being "contagious" The teacher I had in homeroom made fun of me in front of my peers, saying I was "stupid" for not being able to read the chalkboard.. I was pulled out of school for the remainder of my seventh grade. I returned to school for the eighth grade.
My oldest brother, Jason, molested me from the ages of 9 to 11. I hit puberty and told him to stop. He then hated me after that. He also was abusive like my father after this took place.
I am struggling with the abuse that happened. I have a lot of anger, frustration and difficulty speaking my mind.
I have health issues. I was diagnosed with kidney failure in September 2017. I am trying to figure out a transplant option and dialysis treatment options. My current nephrologist is of no guidance for me. I have Diabetic Macular Edema that I go for eye injections every 6 to 8 weeks to keep my eyes from going blind. And a few other things health wise.
I am married to an amazing, kind and generous husband, Phill. He means the world to me. I have known him since I was 7 years old and he was 9 years old. We have been friends longer than we haven't been friends. He is a rare gem. He has been super stressed and overwhelmed with all of my health issues.
Two years ago, we had to say goodbye to Daddy-O (Phill's Dad). He passed away from pancreatic cancer. Thursday, April 13, 2017.
We have a puppy dog, named Rambi. He is an 8 year old Border Collie/lab mix. He is super friendly and our cuddle bug. He has anxiety. Hugging him helps to calm his nervousness. And, mine too..for that matter!
We have a sweet little lionshead/dwarf bunny who is 3 years old. Her given name is Zelda, but we call her Bunny girl. She loves cuddling and getting pets.
And we have a guinea piggy named Pancakes. Who only eats carrots as his fresh food and loves to be held and hides in my hair or sweater hood.
I am trying to release my parents from my life, completely. I have not seen or spoken with them in over a year. I cut them out of my life like they should have been years ago!
I am struggling with the abuse that happened. I need help from someone. I just want to live life and be happy once again.

How will this treatment impact Laura's life?

I think that this treatment will make my life better by allowing me more flexibility, I hope to be able to leave the house when I want to and overall have a clearer mind.