Daniel #48 in The Micro Q

Floatation Sessions
Brain Injury, Multiple Strokes. Lumbar Punctures. Sleep Apnea. Auto Immune Disease.
Shuswap Float and Wellness
Flotation Therapy 60 mins
Salmon Arm, BC

$15.01 of $57.75 funded

Daniel's Story

i was an executive chef in vancouver and Toronto for many years i loved my job. i was even in the Vancouver food newpaper as a top chef but one day at work i collapsed and woke up in the vga..they had then put me in am.induced coma and i spent three months on the nuerology icu ward. my neurologist is dr Phillip teal in Vancouver. i went to gf strong for 6 months after my 3 months in hospital. since then i have been diagnosed witu the two other conditions one of which i have a bipap machine. my life sucks now i cant be the same chef i used too be and im in pain and anxiety alot. i feel alot smaller inside then i once was.

How will this treatment impact Daniel's life?

Never have tried it but i hope it can help with my anxiety. head pain. and back pain from spinal taps