Colleen #33 in The Micro Q

Counselling Sessions
Anxiety, Depression
The Caring Place
60 minute Counselling Session
Regina, SK

$7.50 of $75.00 funded

Colleen's Story

My mom died in 2016 and I lost all support. I lost my job and had to go bankrupt. I have severe anxiety and depression and didn't leave my house for 3 years. I have no family or friends and I need to build up a support network. I'm not living a life at all and I want to start living again. Getting help with coverage will completely help my whole life. I'm ready to close the chapter on my old life and open a new chapter and start living again. Your help will be hugely appreciated by me. Thank you

How will this treatment impact Colleen's life?

It will help with my quality of life and be able to live again. It will help with my anxiety and depression. I will learn CBT skills. I will better my communication skills and anger. I will be able to leave my house again and not hide away.

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