Bridget #11 in The Micro Q

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Stored trauma in my body from PTSD, chronic jaw pain and headaches
Growing Whole
Craniosacral Therapy
Vancouver, BC

$30.00 of $120.00 funded

Bridget's Story

I have been through extreme sexual abuse, drug abuse, an eating disorder and so on, for a very long time. I'm no longer in the trenches of that, but when the PTSD gets triggered, I often can't move for days and fall into a deep depression. Trauma is deeply lodged into me at a cellular level... I hold extreme pain in my jaw from the decade of sexual trauma I endured, as well as a decade of bulimia. So much healing needs to happen beyond the mind... My body memory needs help.

How will this treatment impact Bridget's life?

I believe this treatment can help me to heal the PTSD patterning within my nervous system. My sister has had amazing results.

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