Marjorie #1 in The Large Q

Neuro Feedback Sessions
C-PTSD from psychological abuse.
Two Minds Training
20 Neuro Feedback Sessions
Vancouver, BC

$130.00 of $1,300.00 funded

Marjorie's Story

My adult children need me to get better. I'm a burden on them. I need myself back. This helps me feel better emotionally. I will be able to work again.
Please tell us your story.
I had a beautiful daughter in 1996 whose father is a covert narcissist/sociopath. He wouldnt leave us alone. Ambient abuse is horrible and a huge betrayal since everything I believed about my life was a lie. In September 2017 I was locked out of my house and the new girlfriend was moved in even though my ex was dying of cancer. Incredibly hurtful. I couldnt function. Neurofeedback made me smile again. Neurofeedback works fantastically for me.

How will this treatment impact Marjorie's life?

Neurofeedback re-wires my traumatized brain neuropathways so I can better cope with C-PTSD. Repair damage caused by trauma.